Assets Protection

Asset protection planning can be considered as set of legal techniques which ultimate goals is to protect your assets of those of your corporate entities (Companies) from potential harm.
We could be talking about future lawsuits, potential creditors’ claim, divorce etc…

By making an asset protection plan you can deter a lawsuit and help prevent a potential seizure on your assets.

Using a variety of legal techniques available that can be implemented that provide a range of protective features, LCC will be able to assist its clients in that respect and use the Lebanese legal system in the best interests of our clients who will benefit from the incorporation of the appropriate corporate bodies along with the banking secrecy in Lebanon.

The set up of this plan can range from implementing the legal entities and vehicles thus forming a convenient structure depending on the clients’ needs and requests and could possibly involve the set up of a business structure or a family estate planning.

With the right plan being implemented  an individual’s and businesses lifetime accumulated wealth, savings, real property, investments, even future income can be protected.

Benefits of the assets protection plan is not only limited to the security that this plan guarantees over the assets, but it will extend for the clients and allow to benefit as well from the financial and banking privacy available in Lebanon as Lebanon has the most powerful banking secrecy implemented by law in the world.

Moreover the legal entities which can be setup in Lebanon whether onshore of offshore companies will give to the clients the protection that require.

For instance and for international trade a Lebanon offshore company with a bank account can be a very efficient structure on numerous levels.

Indeed Lebanon provides investors protective laws, a flexible legal system and foreign investor-friendly laws which makes it a favorable  offshore jurisdiction for investment

LCC Provides these services along with others such as domiciliation (Vitual offices) , nominee services offering a full business solution to its clients.

LCC is committed to offer a personalized approach to its clients . We take our clients by the hand and guide them, informing and educating on all of the available options so that confident decisions are made throughout the process.

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