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The Lebanese banking sector is the most powerful and successful in Lebanon history and Lebanon has the most powerful banking secrecy in the world implemented by its laws.

Under the laws, no person or group has the right to disclose the bank account details of any depositor and in general, Lebanon has not signed exchange of information with foreign governments which gives the investor the privacy and secrecy required. (Unless exception)

Lebanese banks have all the confidence of their clients and depositors.
Indeed despite the various crisis and political turmoil in the middle east it has remained resilient over the years and is one of the pile stones of the Lebanese economy.

Banks operating in Lebanon have a high ratio of liquidity (primary liquidity in excess of 78 percent), strong solvency and the Lebanese banks are know for their wise risks management and corporate governance all under the supervision of the BDL, the central bank of Lebanon.

Lebanese banks are known as well to abide by the international regulations and standards especially the Basel I, II, and III requirements.

As mentioned above Lebanon banks practice according to the regulations and circulars issued by the BDL which aims to constantly enhance the level of the services given by local banks.

Lebanon banking is renowned for the highly qualified educated personnel which reflects in the efficiency and quality of the banking services given.

From a financial performance perspective, and despite the prevailing local and regional instabilities, the consolidated balance sheet of commercial banks operating in Lebanon has grown and is in hundreds of billions of US Dollars.

Lebanese banking is know for its prominent position on both regional and international levels and it is to be noted that the Lebanese banks are constantly expanding in the foreign countries and are well established in all parts of the world.

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