The incorporation of an offshore company in Lebanon provides many advantages and benefits for the business men who opt for this company.

It can be formed by a single partner and be fully owned by foreigners.

In fact, it can perform almost any kind of activities, trade and services provided that this business takes place outside the Lebanese territories and / or in the Lebanese free zone.

In addition, the Lebanese offshore company can still own its business premises where it performs its activities, have employees and benefit from the Lebanese banking stable and reputable system, and mostly benefit from the ultimate secrecy the Lebanon banking provides.

The offshore company is subject to a very favorable taxation regime paying a forfeit amount of taxes  which is around 600 USD yearly regardless of its profits or its turnover.

The offshore company can be fully owned and managed by foreigners.

The object of the offshore company is set to the below activities:

  • The administration of companies and institutions outside Lebanon including the export of services, software of any kind to these institutions
  • Operations of three-sided traded or multi-sided trade and therefore negotiating and drafting contract, shipping goods and reissuing bills for transactions out of Lebanon or in the Lebanese free zone including the facility to store the goods in the free zone in order to export it.
  • Doing activities related to maritime shipping.
  • Acquiring shares of stocks in foreign corporations, companies or institutions and to borrow to these institutions in which the offshore company holds more than 20% of its capital
  • Acquiring or benefiting from rights related to agencies or commercial representation to foreign or non-residing companies or institutions.
  • Opening of branches and representative offices abroad.
  • The construction, investments and administration in economic projects except those prohibited by law
  • The creation of accounts and use of financial services to finance its activities whether from local institutions or non-resident.
  • The lease or acquisition of offices or real estate in Lebanon in relation with the activities of the offshore company.

The Chairman of a Lebanon offshore company he may be a non-Lebanese resident abroad and may operate without a permit. The company is registered both in the Commercial Register and in a special register for offshore companies.

An offshore company is a very interesting investment specifically within the context of the flexible Lebanese legal system and the current regulations.

Foreigners or Lebanese will take maximum benefit from incorporating an offshore company in Lebanon as their liability in the business is limited to their shares in the company which itself has a very large scope of activities which can be undertaken and can under certain conditions be exempted from working permits in what relates to their foreign employees

Banking Offshore as well benefits to the investors in terms of privacy, secrecy and return on capital.

As well to mention the exemption from stamp duties on contracts, inheritance tax, corporate income tax, dividends distribution, capital gain, interest paid, amounts paid in return for services…

The annual tax on Lebanese offshore companies is limited to  an approximate 600 USD as mentioned.

Therefore a Lebanese offshore company can be used in numerous beneficial ways by setting up the appropriate structure depending on the client’s request and interests.

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