Auditing and Accounting

In its mission to provide a full business solution to its clients, LCC offers quality auditing and accounting services to its clients at a very competitive price.

Our audit team has an extensive experience in the auditing process and understands in depth the critical audit areas of each client.

LCC audit team provides the required reports regarding the business in a transparent way noting that the audit of LCC complies with the international reporting standards and the Lebanese local laws ensuring that all the audit tasks are done according to the current and applicable Lebanese laws.

LCC and in the same spirit offers accounting services to its clients by making the bookkeeping of the companies and by maintaining up to date accounts on behalf of LCC clients.

Depending on the clients’ requests our accounting team will deal with the daily transactions operated by our clients’ company using the lastest and most sophisticated technologies and software in the accounting world.

By using the LCC accounting appropriate services you are sure to have your business on the right track without having to bare the cost of hiring a permanent accountant.

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