Virtual Offices in Lebanon

LCC offers Virtual Offices in Beirut with efficient services enabling the Lebanese companies it incorporates to establish a local presence in a cost effective manner, sparing our clients from renting or owning a workplace if that is not needed.

Our virtual office setup in Lebanon allows business owners and employees to work from an accessible location using the technology we provide such as laptop computers, cell phones and internet access.

Virtual office vs Traditional office space

These virtual offices will allow significant savings compared to renting a traditional office space. They are flexible and office documents can be shared electronically. Also, it is easy to conduct meetings through tele or video conferencing which is a primary benefit for saving time.

Virtual Office in Beirut,Lebanon

Prestige Advantage
Our company formation and domiciliation service is rapid, cost-effective and aims at finding the best solutions.
Some companies benefit from the prestigious addresses of our virtual offices in Lebanon as well as the professional communication services and conference rooms.

With LCC have your office, a fully equipped virtual office in Beirut, ready with a click of a button!

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